Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Summary & Characters

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jason Brunken

Jason is a certified teacher with a Masters in Educational Technology and over 12 years of classroom teaching experience.

Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' has captured the imagination of children and adults for more than 50 years. In this lesson, we'll find out more about the chocolate factory with its wonderfully named candies and memorable characters.

Five Golden Tickets

While everyone loves a good Oompa Loompa song, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is, above all, a story that teaches a valuable lesson: Good things come to those who are good. The story is about a boy named Charlie Bucket who's so poor he has to eat cabbage soup every day.

Luckily for Charlie, Willy Wonka, the owner of a chocolate factory, announces that five Golden Tickets have been hidden inside his chocolate bars all over the world. The five children to find the tickets will get to go inside Mr. Wonka's mysterious factory, which makes goodies including the Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar, Everlasting Gobstoppers, and Lickable Wallpaper. Charlie miraculously finds one of these tickets and joins four other children on this once-in-a-lifetime tour. The other children turn out to be very naughty and run into trouble during the tour, leaving only Charlie left by the end. Because Charlie had proved to be good and caring, Mr. Wonka surprised him by giving him the factory.

Who's Who

Although Mr. Wonka's chocolate factory is fantastic beyond belief, it's the characters that make this story so memorable. Each child has a defining physical trait, the way the character looks, and a character trait, a part of her or his personality, that drives the story to its awesome ending. Each character also has his or her own character flaw; a weakness that is tested in the story. It is these tests that show us the rewards that come from good behavior. Let's take a look at each main character.

Our protagonist, Charlie, comes from a very poor family. He is kind, curious, and fascinated by everything in Mr. Wonka's factory. He puts others before himself and is careful to heed all of Mr. Wonka's instructions. In the end, he's the only child who doesn't get into trouble. Although on the outside he appears small and weak, on the inside he is a strong and moral character, meaning he believes in doing what is right.

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