Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Vocabulary Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 15 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' is a fun story that captures the imagination. This asset offers fun, interactive activities for upper elementary students to practice vocabulary terms associated with the novel.

Studying Vocabulary

When students read literature, sometimes they come across new words. What students do with those words leads them to either expand their vocabularies or miss important parts of the story. Some students look up the word and expand their knowledge; many students just skip unknown words, thus missing out on important details and nuances of the story.

The activities in this asset are designed for upper elementary students who are studying Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Jeopardy Activity

Playing games creates a level of competition that motivates students to engage fully with the material. This game resembles the well-known television gameshow, Jeopardy.


  • Note cards
  • Flat surface (like a bulletin board or white board)


  • Write definitions for your desired vocabulary words on one side of a card and a point value associated with that definition on the other side. Make the most difficult words worth more points than the least difficult words.
  • Display the cards in a large grid pattern on the board, point value side out.


  • Divide your class into teams of 4-5 each.
  • Instruct a team to choose a card by point value.
  • Now, you can proceed in two ways:
    • Read the definition on the back of the card to the team and allow that team a chance to give the correct vocabulary word to match the definition; or
    • Read the definition to the whole class and allow teams to race to raise a hand in order to win the chance to give the vocabulary word.
  • Award the associated number of points to the team that gives the correct vocabulary word.
  • When all definitions have been read, the team with the most points wins.


  • A more difficult version of this game would be to give students the vocabulary word and require teams to come up with the whole definition to earn points.
  • To create the cards, you could give each student a card and instruct your students to find one vocabulary word to write on the card. The students will need to determine an appropriate point value to the vocabulary word chosen (be sure to give a range of possible points).

Spelling Activity

This activity allows your students to get active while reviewing vocabulary words.


  • List of vocabulary words and definitions
  • Letter tiles (you will need every letter in each vocabulary word to make a full set, determine the number of sets to make to match the number of groups assigned)
    • Letter tiles can be made from note cards cut into six pieces each
  • Open area with enough room for students to run

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