Check for Understanding: Strategies and Activities

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  • 0:03 Why Check for Understanding?
  • 0:33 What Needs to be Checked
  • 1:12 Checking for Understanding
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Marquis Grant
This lesson will highlight ways in which teachers can make sure students understand what is being taught, a process known as assessment. A short quiz will follow that will test your understanding - an assessment in action!

Why Check for Understanding?

Effective teachers check to make sure that students understand what's being taught in the classroom. This is known as assessment, and it allows the teacher to plan for future lessons, determine what areas may need to be retaught, and identify those students who may need additional support. The teacher can check students' understanding through informal assessments like asking students questions related to the lesson and hands-on assignments or formal assessments such as teacher-made tests or quizzes.

What Needs to be Checked?

In order to check for understanding, teachers need to first determine exactly what needs to be checked. This can be done by:

  1. Finding out what students already know and how this prior knowledge can be used in the teaching and learning process

  2. Determining what students should learn from the lesson

  3. How the students will be assessed: Will formal, informal, or a combination of both types of assessments be used?

  4. How instruction will be differentiated so that all students have an opportunity to be successful

  5. Determining what will be done if students are not able to demonstrate understanding after a lesson has been taught

Checking for Understanding

There are many ways in which teachers can check to see if students have learned what they are supposed to learn after instruction has been delivered.

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