Cheetah Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mary Grace Miller

Mary Grace has taught first grade for 8 years and has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and is licensed in ESL.

You've probably seen cheetahs in books or on the covers of magazines, but you've probably never thought that much about where they eat or live. This lesson will teach you several fun facts about cheetahs and their homes in Africa and Asia.

What Do Cheetahs Look Like?

One day at lunch, your best friend tells you that cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world and can run as fast as a car! While this may seem like a tall tale, it's just one of the many interesting facts about cheetahs.

A cheetah in the wild

Cheetahs are a type of cat called a wildcat. They have long legs and can be over seven feet long from their head to the end of their tail. That's longer than most adult men are tall! They usually are yellow or tan and have black spots. Cheetahs are hard to see in the wild because their fur blends in with their surroundings. This is called camouflage. They usually weigh between 75 and 150 pounds, so between the size of a big kid and a small adult.

What Do Cheetahs Eat?

Cheetahs are meat-eaters or carnivores. They eat antelope and other medium-sized animals, like gazelles, rabbits and impalas. Using keen eyesight and speed, cheetahs stalk their pray during the day. Actually, they run so fast when they are chasing their prey that they have to rest for 30 minutes before they can eat their meal!

Where Do Cheetahs Live?

A cheetah in the savanna

Cheetahs live in Africa and some areas of Asia. They live in a grassy area called a savanna. A place where an animal lives is called its habitat. There aren't as many cheetahs alive now as there used to be because their habitats are being taken away for buildings and wood. This means that cheetahs are what is called endangered because they are starting to die out.

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