Child Proofing with Safety Equipment

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

What dangers lurk, waiting to injure or even kill a child? What safety equipment can you use to prevent an injury to a child or even their death? This lesson focuses on safety equipment that can be used for a child's benefit for sport, car, and home.

Child Proofing

When I was little, maybe one or two years old, I was crawling around and generally acting like a nut. One day, I shook a table so hard that a glass vase came crashing down onto my head. I still have a scar at the corner of my eye as a result, but luckily the vase didn't hit the eye itself!

As many of us growing up found out, and as many parents know, children like to stick things into, or go, places they're not supposed to. That's why child-proofing with safety equipment is so important in preventing childhood injury and death. Here, we're going to go over many child-proofing techniques related to the car, home, and outdoors activities, like sports!

Sports & Other Activities

Had I been wearing a helmet the day I was crawling around like a mad-baby, I may have avoided a life-long scar. Again, I got lucky. But another child might not have been so lucky.

As kids get older and become more independent, they'll want to run around and play games and sports, and that's great! But, we can't have them running around willy-nilly either, can we? Nope. So, to protect them from potentially serious injury, it's important kids wear all the protective gear necessary for their sport or game in question.

For example, if they love to ride a bike, then at the very least a helmet is a must. If they like to rollerblade as much as I loved to do so with my dog, then knee and elbow guards are recommended as well. I'll admit I didn't follow this latter rule, and one time had a very serious crash that left my elbow in a mess for weeks to come. Looking back, I should've worn elbow guards.

As for sports, if your kids are into soccer like so many others, then shin guards will help take the blow off of painful tackles. If they play football, a helmet and lots of padding just about everywhere you can think of, would be appropriate. If they play rugby, then I have to ask why are your kids playing rugby? That's the one sport that seems to have forgotten safety equipment is available!

Car & Home

Safety equipment is just as necessary in places we consider our own, like a car and home, as it is out in nature while riding a bike or playing a sport.

In a car, ensure kids 12 and under sit in the backseat. This is because airbags can kill young children. Very young children should always be seated in a car seat. Rear-facing car seats are appropriate for children under age two. Forward-facing car seats are for kids who are between the ages of two and five. And, kids who are five and older, up until the seat belts in the car fit them properly, should be a booster seat for maximal safety.

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