China Lesson for Kids: History & Facts

Instructor: Michael Gott

Mike is a veteran of the New Hampshire public school system and has worked in grades 1-12. His role has varied from primary instructor to special needs support.

China has a culture that dates back over 4,000 years, and is home to 1.3 billion people. In recent years the Chinese government has loosened some of its authoritarian rules, and now has one of the world's largest economies.

History and Progress

China has a history and culture that dates back over 4,000 years. This history resulted in the creation of paper, gunpowder, silk, the compass, paper money and many other modern realities we use every day. China works hard to honor its traditions while remaining a modern evolving country.

The People's Republic of China

China's current government, the People's Republic of China, was formed in 1949 after a revolution led by Mao Zedong. The authoritarian communist government of Mao Zedong held a tight grip on the country, which stifled China's potential. An authoritarian communist government means that government leadership is small and greatly limits the freedom of its citizens. This means, among other things, you cannot speak out against government officials or rules. Also some words in China are banned from use, and you can go to prison for saying them.

When Mao Zedong died in 1976, the Chinese government began to change many of his economic ideas or policies while keeping in place a strict government that allows few freedoms to the people of China. The changes to economic policy have led to China becoming one of the world's largest economies. While China is still a authoritarian communist government, it has changed greatly since the days of Mao Zedong's leadership.

The Chinese Flag

China's Geography

China is 3,705,405 square miles. The country is 3,100 miles from east to west and 3,400 miles north to south. The land in China varies greatly and includes flat grasslands, deserts, thick forests and mountains. The world's tallest mountain is Mount Everest. Mount Everest is found on the border between China and its neighbor Nepal. China is also home to the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River is the third largest river in the world.

China's Economic Dominance

China is currently one of the word's greatest exporters. An export is a good made in one country to be sold in another. Exports help a country's economy by bringing in money from other countries. Because of China's ability to produce goods efficiently, many foreign companies have factories moved to China for their goods to be made. This also helps the Chinese economy because it creates new jobs, while bringing in even more money from other countries. These Chinese production jobs are located in the China's cities near the southeastern border.

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