Chocolate Fever: Summary & Characters

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  • 0:01 Henry Green Loves Chocolate
  • 0:44 Henry Gets the Fever
  • 1:45 Henry Meets Mac
  • 3:19 Henry Finds a Cure
  • 4:34 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Katherine Garner

Katie teaches middle school English/Language Arts and has a master's degree in Secondary English Education

This lesson provides a summary of Robert Kimmel Smith's popular children's book 'Chocolate Fever', published in 1972. It also provides descriptions of the main characters, especially the two who help Henry Green find a cure.

Henry Green Loves Chocolate

Chocolate Fever was written in 1972 by Robert Kimmel Smith. The young protagonist, or main character of the novel, is Henry Green, a young boy who loves chocolate. In this story, his love for chocolate gets him into some trouble, and he learns some important life lessons along the way.

Henry lives with his parents, brother, and sister. He loves chocolate so much that he even eats it for breakfast! His parents keep a special stash of chocolate just for him and let him have as much as he wants. Henry believes he is special because even after all the chocolate he eats, he does not gain weight, feel sick, or get cavities. Something even worse ends up happening to Henry, though.

Henry Gets the Fever

One day at school, Henry feels a little strange, but he can't put his finger on what is wrong. During math class, he notices some small brown freckles on his arms and hands that he has not seen before. His math teacher sends him to the nurse, and by that time, the spots have grown bigger. The school nurse decides that something very rare is afflicting Henry and that he should go to the hospital. At the hospital, Doctor Fargo starts to examine Henry and complains that he can smell chocolate, though there is no chocolate to be seen. Soon the doctor, the nurse, and Henry hear strange popping noises in the examining room. They realize that the spots all over Henry are growing larger and making a loud 'POP!' sound. Even stranger, the spots are made of chocolate!

Doctor Fargo exclaims that Henry has 'Chocolate Fever' but does not know what to do about it. Afraid of what will happen to him, Henry runs away from the hospital with the doctor and police chasing after him.

Henry Meets Mac

Henry runs and runs and finally comes across a school where he sees boys playing. They immediately begin to bully him and call him names because of his appearance. Upset, Henry moves on and eventually hitches a ride with a truck driver named Mac. The two become good friends. Mac shares his food with Henry and reassures him that he does not mind Henry's strange spots. He tells him that, as an African-American man in a predominantly white area, he is used to being stared at. Mac also helps Henry understand that his parents love him and are probably very worried that he disappeared.

As Mac and Henry travel down the road, two robbers named Louie and Lefty stop them, hoping to steal the cargo from Mac's truck. They think Mac is carrying valuable furs. Mac laughs and says that the joke is on them, because all that he's transporting is candy bars. The robbers are angry but hijack the truck anyway. They drive it, with a scared Henry and Mac in the sleeping bunk, to a cabin far out of town.

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