Choosing the Correct Email Platform

Instructor: Elisha Madison

Elisha is a writer, editor, and aspiring novelist. She has a Master's degree in Ancient Celtic History & Mythology and another Masters in Museum Studies.

Choosing the right platform for email marketing is a challenge. Is it going to be personal enough? Is it going to make it to the consumer? Is it going to address the volume you need? These are a few of the questions you must ask yourself to choose the right platform.

Email's Influence on the Public

A report in 2012 showed that 3/4ths of the public communicate through the internet. Email is universal for communication today while snail mail has become antiquated, thus making post offices struggle to stay open. This means that to really reach consumers one of the best mediums is email. It will reach almost all of your intended consumers, which you can get with no other marketing medium. Additionally, Experian stated that you can get almost a 40% return on a $1.00 spent on email marketing; this is not to be ignored! The question is now, what email platform to use to market to your clients?

How to Assess Different Email Platforms

So, how does one assess different email platforms? You first have to ask a few questions.

Support/Customer Service: Does the platform have assistance if there is an issue with the emails? If they do, are they good, or just satisfactory?

Personalization: Personalizing an email is truly key; customers are not stupid and realize when they are receiving a mass email. So, the questions to ask are, do you need personalized emails? If you do, is the platform going to be able to provide that or are you stuck with mass mailings?

Tracking/Reports: Can you track the emails sent and then make reports on the responses you are getting? This is usually most important in requirements because this allows you to really address whether the email marketing is working or if the consumer group you have worked with is unreachable.

There are other variables when looking into email platforms, like cost, ability to handle volume, and integrating your own brand into the email. Ultimately, you need to know your own needs, and put them down in a list, so you can cross check your needs with all the email platforms that are available.

Different Email Platforms

MailChimp: This email platform is at the top of many lists. They have support, send personalized emails that integrate your brand, track what has been sent, connect the email to your online store, and mobile opportunities. This makes MailChimp very popular for business needs. According to PC Mag, this platform is rated as excellent. The only cons are for the free users not having the same support as paying users.

Constant Contact: This is a recently advertised email platform. They offer support for you, tracking, individualized emails as well as training courses on how best to market to your consumers, which is a unique aspect. They are very social media centric, which may assist with your movement to social media.

Campaign Monitor: This site specifically states they are for simple email campaigns. However, they also provide support, tracking, and the ability to tie your emails to the online store, making it easy for shopping. There are great ratings for this site as well; the only concerns appear to be that they have grown so fast they don't have the support they need for their customers.

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