Christmas Reading Activities

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

There are many creative and entertaining ways to create fun reading activities for the Christmas season. Use the tips in this lesson to increase engagement during Christmas time.

Christmas Reading Activities

Anytime is a good time to read, but creating special experiences around Christmas can make reading even more special. There are countless Christmas books to choose from, and as you select which books you will read with your class, consider how to make the books come alive for the kids. Use the ideas below to create Christmas reading activities for your students.

Read and Draw

Encouraging students to use their imaginations is a great way for children to enjoy reading. You can read a book, and pause during the middle so the kids can draw pictures of what is happening. Another option is to read the entire book and have kids draw their favorite scene or character. The story will be more memorable to the kids as they let their vision of the story come to life.

Act It Out

Read a story and let the kids act it out. It often helps to break into smaller groups to ensure every child has an opportunity to participate. If time allows, the kids can create costumes and basic sets for their productions. Just a few simple costume pieces, made out of construction paper and common objects in the classroom, can liven up a story. Depending on the complexity of the story, you may want each group to act out a different portion of the book. A less complicated book only needs one group to act it out. In that case, several stories can be used to create the scripts for the groups in your class.

Make a Treat

Christmas treats can be simple and fun when related to a story. Whether it is a Rice Krispy treat Christmas tree, or green and red M&M's, allowing children to have a treat can be a fun way to enhance reading for Christmas. Some books may refer to food, or have a logical tie to a specific treat. When that is the case, it is simple to create a connection between the snack and the book.

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