Christmas Themed Sensory Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Sensory input is a great way to engage a person completely in what they are doing. This lesson offers Christmas themed sensory activities for your students to fully engage in sensory exploration.

Sensory Fun at Christmas Time

Some children are able to sit and do worksheets or color during down times in the classroom. Many students are not. The fact is, the more engaged a student is with a task, the more they enjoy it. A great way to increase engagement is to increase the amount of sensory input an activity allows.

These activities are designed to stimulate students' sensory systems while they engage with Christmas themed activities. Students will experience sounds, smells, and different touch sensations while interacting with each other and carrying out solo work.

Solo Projects

Solo activities are designed for students to complete on their own. They can work in tandem with each other, but each student will end up with their own project to take home.

Feel the Gift

  • Materials: Empty tissue boxes (cube shaped would work best), swatches of at least 6 different materials with different textures (for example, sandpaper, cotton, spandex and velvet), glue, scissors, ribbon
  • Preparation: Cut the textured materials to fit the sides of the tissue box.
  • Instructions: Students create a tactile sensory cube by choosing the materials they enjoy and gluing them to a tissue box. Then, if they would like to, they can add a ribbon to the box to make it look like a present. The end result is a box with six different tactile sensory inputs for the student to explore.

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