Circle of Friends Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Students will engage in activities to strengthen their understanding of social circles and friendship groups. Active games will keep your students engaged while they focus on these important social concepts.

Activities Related to Circles of Friends

Social relationships can be tricky for students to understand. Fun, engaging activities can help students identify appropriate social groups and categorize people that they know or meet in their communities.

These activities are designed for young children and early to middle elementary school-aged children as well.

Target the Social Circle

This activity will help to reinforce which people belong in which social group.


  • Slips of paper identifying people from the community (multiple colors of paper). For example,
    • Your postman
    • A person you bump into at the store
    • An employee in a store
    • Your parents' close friend
    • Your best friend at school
    • Your cousin
  • Sidewalk chalk (or masking tape)


  • Print, or write, identical sets of people in each color of paper.
    • You will need one color per group.
  • Create a target-like area on the ground.
    • Identify the social circles within the target.


  • Divide your class into groups (one group per color of paper).
  • Give each group a set of people.
  • Arrange the groups so that they surround the target area.
  • Call out one of the people listed in the sets. Each group must:
    • Find the person in their set of people
    • Ball up the slip of paper
    • Choose a member of the group to throw the paper
    • Throw the paper ball into the correct circle to match that person's appropriate social circle.
  • For example, if you were to call out 'your best friend' all groups would be aiming for the innermost circle of the target.
  • After each round, discuss which social circle that person should have been thrown into and give each group that got their ball into the correct circle one point. Have the students collect the papers before the next round.
  • Ensure that the groups alternate the throwing position so that all students have a chance to throw the ball; they can collaborate on the categorization aspect of the activity.
  • Tally the points after the game.
  • Don't forget to discuss each person as you go through.


  • Instead of using the social circle target metaphor, have each group categorize their set of people by placing them in piles representing each of the social circles.

Who is in Your Inner Circle

This activity gets your students to think about what really constitutes membership in the inner circle.


  • Index/note cards

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