Circle Time Social Stories

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Circle time can be a fun opportunity for students to come together, but it can also be confusing for some learners. These social stories will help your students remember what is expected of them during circle time.

Social Stories for Circle Time

Does your class include young students who are on the autistic spectrum, have speech and language delays, struggle with physical and emotional self-regulation, or have trouble following social cues? These students can benefit from social stories, which explicitly teach them vocabulary and strategies for coping with otherwise challenging situations.

The social stories in this lesson are aimed at helping your students understand what circle time is, how they should and should not behave during circle time, and what they can do to help themselves stay calm. Since your students are in kindergarten or preschool, you will probably need to read these stories aloud to them. You may want to use photos of your classroom and the children in it to supplement the social stories.

Preschool Circle Time

In the morning I go to school. My school has many areas to play. I like to build with blocks. I like to play with dolls and dress-up clothes.

After we are done playing, the teacher says it is time to clean up and have circle time. This means we have to stop playing and put all of the toys away. Then we have to sit on the blue and red rug in the middle of the classroom. We sit in a circle.

At circle time, the teacher talks to us and sometimes she reads us a story. Sometimes, we sing songs together or play a little game. Circle time can be really fun! I feel happy when we are singing songs.

When it is circle time, we have to keep our hands to ourselves. We have to stay in our spots on the rug. We have to keep quiet and listen to the things other people are saying. When we follow these rules, it helps us all stay safe and happy at circle time. It helps us make friends and learn. It also makes our teacher proud of us.

Sometimes I feel excited or jumpy during circle time, and it is hard to keep still. Then I know I can go sit in a quiet corner and look at a book until I am ready to come back and join the circle.

Circle time is a special part of the day at my school.

Kindergarten Circle Time

This year, I am in kindergarten! Kindergartners get to do many fun and important things. One thing we do every day in my classroom is have circle time. Circle time is one of the first things we do each morning. When it is circle time, my teacher dims the light and tells us to come to the rug. We clean up what we are doing and sit on the rug in our circle time spots.

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