City Mayor Lesson for Kids: Definition, Job Description, Duties & Facts

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rayna Cummings

Rayna has taught Elementary Education for 12 years (in both 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades) and holds a M.Ed in Early Childhood Education from The Ohio State University

What if you could be the leader of a whole entire city? In this lesson, you will learn about the important duties and responsibilities of a city mayor.

City Mayor

Have you ever been left in charge of something, like babysitting your little brother or sister? Most likely, you made all the rules and decided what the two of you would do. You also made sure that your brother or sister was safe until your parents got back home. Now imagine being responsible for a whole entire city of people!

The city mayor is an elected leader that runs the local government for a city. Elected means being voted into office by the people of the city, just like the President of the United States is elected by the citizens of the nation. The local government that the mayor runs is a body or group, known as the city council. Together, they're responsible for the community.

Mayoral Duties

The duties of city mayors vary greatly depending upon the city. Some mayoral positions are primarily ceremonial and the mayor works as a team with the city council. However, there are other mayoral positions where the mayors play a huge role in local government.

One of the main responsibilities of a city mayor is to manage the different city departments such as fire and rescue, police, and transportation departments.

Some of a mayor's specific duties can include the following.

Enforcing city laws

City mayors are ultimately responsible for the safety of the city's citizens. The mayor signs all new laws and legislation, which can include business licenses and other required permits.

Managing the city's business

The mayor oversees the different city departments, making sure that the people in charge of those departments are doing their jobs correctly.

Presiding over city meetings

The mayor holds and leads city meetings that are open to the public, where they can express their concerns and make suggestions regarding the decisions that the mayor and city council are making.

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