Classroom Behavior Management Ideas for Teachers

Instructor: Brian Fraga
There are many strategies for managing behavior within the classroom. It is important to understand why the behavior occurs before implementing a behavior management plan to address the behavior. This lesson looks at the steps involved prior to developing a behavior management plan.

Classroom Behavior Management

Would you come to work every day if you knew you weren't going to receive a pay check? Unless you're independently wealthy, the answer is more than likely 'no.' Receiving a pay check each month is rewarding for you and increases the likelihood of you returning to work the next day. How about a behavior you would like to decrease? Maybe you have a student who yells in class, and you'd like him to stop, how do you do this?

An example of a behavior that we would want to increase in the classroom may be compliance. Think about one of your students and how difficult it is, or was, to get them to complete a task. You may have had to 'bribe' the student with a reward such as a piece of candy. Over time, the more candy you gave the student, the more willing they were to complete your assignment. Without realizing it, you had implemented a behavior management idea to increase compliance with your student. Before implementing a behavior management plan, we first need to know why they are performing this behavior.

Steps to Behavior Management

When we look at strategies to manage classroom behavior, we are looking at ways to either increase a student's behavior or decrease the occurrence of an unwanted behavior. We have to look at the environment in which the behavior occurs. We are going to want to collect data for the occurrence of the behavior and develop a hypothesis based on our data in order to determine what the function of the behavior is or why it happens. Let's take a look at each of the steps to understand the student's behavior.

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