Classroom Modifications for Autism

Instructor: Meg Fuller
As teachers, we want our students to succeed. We'd try anything, even if it meant turning the classroom upside down. Fortunately, there are much simpler modifications we can implement to help students with autism succeed in our classroom.

Why Modify?

Students with autism, due to the nature of their disability, are at a disadvantage to accessing education in a typical classroom setting. Difficulties with interpreting social cues, communicating their needs, developing relationships with other students, and sensitivity to change are a few challenges that students with autism may face in the school setting. In order for these students to succeed in our classrooms we need to take these disadvantages into account in order to create a opportunities for students with autism to learn alongside their peers.


Individualization, meaning that each student is provided an environment and instruction to best suit his or her unique strengths, challenges, and motivations, should always be at the forefront of your mind when considering classroom modifications. Students with autism, just like their peers, have unique strengths, challenges, and motivators. What works well for one student with autism may not work for another student with autism. The same can be said for teachers: some modifications may work better with your teaching and classroom management style, while others may not. What is important is for you to find what works best for the unique students in your classroom and what fits best with your style.

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