Classroom Objects in French

Instructor: Rebecca Rosenbarker

Rebecca has taught French and English as a Second Language (ESL). She has a master's degree in ESL. Rebecca currently lives in France.

What do you need to know before stepping foot into a French classroom? Learn the vocabulary for common classroom objects. A short quiz to test your knowledge follows this lesson.

Classroom Objects in French

Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad in France? Perhaps you could take French classes at a local school. If you ever find yourself in a classroom in France, you will need to know some basic vocabulary about classroom objects in France. In this lesson, step into the classroom of Madame Rose and see what vocabulary she can introduce.

Welcome to Class

It's your first day at your new French high school. You are still learning French so you are a little nervous, but you have heard that Madame Rose, your new French teacher, is very helpful. You step into the salle de classe (the classroom) and are greeted immediately by your teacher.

Madame Rose: Bienvenue! Comment ça va? (Hello! How are you?)

You: Bonjour! Ça va bien, merci! (Hello, I'm doing well, thank you!)

Madame Rose shows you to your seat and points out that a lot of things in the classroom are labeled.

Madame Rose: Pour t'aider, il y a des affiches de vocabularire partout. (To help you, there are vocabulary posters everywhere.)

You look around the classroom, seeing labels for lots of useful things like staplers and tape in the classroom. You know they will come in handy.

Ta nouvelle salle de classe. Your new classroom.
High School Classroom

Practicing Your New Vocabulary

Madame Rose wastes no time in getting you started on the day's assignment. She hands you a sheet of paper with some sentences on it.

Madame Rose: Voici la feuille de papier avec tes exercises. Regarde les exemples au tableau. Utilise ton stylo pour compléter les phrases. (Here is the sheet of paper with your exercises. Look at the examples on the board. Use your pen to complete the sentences.)

You take a look at the labels around the classroom and understand her instructions. To construct your response to her, you check out a few more vocabulary words from the posters.

You: Est-ce que je peux utiliser mon crayon? Si je fais des fautes je peux les effacer avec ma gomme. (Can I use my pencil? If I make any mistakes I can erase them with my eraser.)

Madame Rose: Bien sûr! (Of course!)

You get to work and are happy to see that with the aid of Madame Rose's labels, you finish quickly. You raise your hand to ask what you should do next.

You: Madame Rose? J'ai fini les exercises. Qu'est-ce que je dois faire maintenant? (Madame Rose? I finished the exercises. What should I do now?)

Madame Rose: Très bien! Tu mets la feuille de papier dans ton cahier. Utilise ton bâton de colle. (Very good! Put the sheet of paper in your notebook. Use your glue stick.)

You: Et après? (And after that?)

Madame Rose: Tu mets le cahier sur mon bureau et tu retourne a ton pupitre. (You put the notebook on my desk and return to your desk.)

After getting a little sticky from your glue stick, you follow Madame Rose's instructions. You sit back at your desk. Madame Rose comes by and gives you a book.

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