Classroom Rules and Procedures for Kindergarten

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Vanessa Carter
Kindergarten can be an exciting time! For many students, kindergarten will be their first experience with school. This lesson will share classroom rules and procedures for a successful kindergarten school year!

Rules and Procedures

Kindergarten! The first year of school. Students are torn between spending the first two weeks crying because they want their mommies or wanting to touch, feel, and sample everything around them. This may involve a fair amount of glue-eating so be aware!

Regardless, the first official year of school cannot be under-estimated. It is very important that kindergarten students are positive and productive because this school year will set the tone for future years. Having well-established rules and procedures for students can guarantee a smooth school year - and happy students! Let's look at some rules that will promote good habits and behaviors in your classroom.

Classroom rules and procedures should be kept to a maximum of five rules because of the age and attention span of most kindergartners. It is very important to keep it simple and catchy. You can search the Internet for songs, dances, and hand motions to reinforce your rules and using these interactive methods help students remember. Also, these rules should be reviewed every day, twice a day. With that being said, here are five basic rules and procedures every kindergarten class should have.

Rule 1: Always Listen to the Teacher

This rule covers a lot of ground. Listening means receiving instruction on work, information on the schedule, and basic reminders for a great day. Having a really cool attention-getter is helpful for this rule. When you use the attention-getter, students will automatically know to put their listening ears on. The attention-getter could be a certain way you clap your hands or a popular phrase, like '1-2-3. Eyes on me.' Whatever you choose, it should be used consistently and rehearsed with students.

Rule 2: Keep Your Hands and Feet to Yourself

Safety in the classroom is crucial. Kindergartners may be especially at risk of unsafe behavior due to their age. Students may be tempted to hit, kick, or even grab things that don't belong to them. Kindergarten students can be very impulsive and act without thinking; so when this rule is broken, it is very important that students are reminded that this rule keeps all students safe.

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