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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sharon Linde
In the past, a film projector was the height of technology in schools. Today, teachers have technology at their fingertips on a daily basis. What are these tools and how are they being used? This video lesson will bring you up to speed on classroom technology tools.

Educational Technology Today

Educational technology is a term that refers to technological tools used in instructional settings. The range of these tools is wide, from machines such as computers to media devices like iPhones.

A lot has changed with educational technology in the past 20 years. Teachers used to be glad to have one or two desktop computers. These days, students use tablets, teachers flow from document camera to podcast with ease, and technology is a staple in the classroom. Educators once used technology as a supplement; now it is standard. It seems that as soon as we get trained on one new product, another one pops up that is even better, faster, and more necessary. From computers for emailing, grading, and lesson planning to tablets for reading and projectors for lecturing, teachers today are more reliant on technology than ever.

Clearly, these tools are important, so let's explore the two main categories of educational technology: instructional tools and student resources.

Instructional Tools

Think back to your grammar school days. Did your teacher play soft music as you worked on an in-class reading assignment? Were videos and other visual graphics part of your daily instruction? Or were you like many of us, watching the occasional movie on the shared TV wheeled in and out of the classroom when needed?

Unlike a couple decades ago, today's teachers have an abundance of ways to engage students using technology. Most classrooms today are housed with tools that aid in instruction.

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