Cleaning Different Types of Rooms in a Veterinary Hospital

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  • 00:25 Waiting Room Area
  • 1:22 Treatment, Radiology, & Lab
  • 2:00 Cleaning the Kennels
  • 2:50 The Surgical Suite and…
  • 3:40 Taking Out the Trash
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

This lesson will go over some special considerations about cleaning and taking out the trash in many different areas of the hospital: the waiting room, treatment room, lab room, and more.

Cleaning a Veterinary Hospital

Like your home has a bunch of different rooms with different furniture and ways things need to be cleaned, a veterinary clinic also has a lot of different rooms and cleaning needs. That's why this lesson will cover the fundamentals about the special cleaning considerations of the waiting room, treatment room, kennels, and more!

Waiting Room Area

Do you have a dog with long hair that sheds a lot? I bet you have to clean your home quite often if you do. Well, imagine multiplying that by scores of dogs in one small area throughout one day! Can you imagine the clumps of fur flying around if it isn't cleaned often enough?

That's precisely why the waiting room, part of the reception area where clients sit with their pets needs to be cleaned at least once a day and quite frankly, even twice a day because of all the hair that piles up. That's the minimum, too! I mean, if a dog vomits, urinates, or defecates there, you can be sure you'll have to clean multiple times a day.

As a veterinary assistant, you'll likely be tasked with cleaning such areas. So, if there's a wet component to the mess, soak it up and then mop with a disinfecting solution. If there's dirt or debris, then sweep the area as often as necessary. If you notice slobber on chairs, on the floor, or on windows, then use disinfecting sprays to clean them up.

Treatment, Radiology, & Lab

The treatment room (a part of the veterinary hospital where some diagnostic and surgical procedures are performed), lab room, and radiology room should be cleaned as you go. When cleaning, always be sure to check for sharp objects or biohazardous material, and dispose of them in their appropriate containers.

As with the waiting room, sweep or pick up any debris, and soak up and mop up any liquid components. As with the exam room table, always disinfect the treatment table, radiology table, lab bench, and any equipment that was used in the room.

Cleaning the Kennels

If your clinic doesn't have kennel attendants, you may also be tasked with cleaning the kennels and cages. You need to know exactly what kind of animals are in here. Are they sick or just visiting while their owners are on vacation? Should they be isolated from everyone else?

Always pick up and throw away any debris in the kennels, and soak up and clean any urine right away. You should clean every surface in the kennel with a disinfecting spray. This includes any cage door bars, if present.

Additionally, you'll need to take out any items in the kennel or cage to properly clean the unit. Some of the items you take out, like toys, blankets, beds, litterboxes, and food and water dishes, will need to be washed, cleaned, and laundered as necessary. And as usual, always sweep and mop the kennel and cage areas as well.

The Surgical Suite and Isolation Ward

When it comes down to the surgical suite, some of the things I'm about to point out may seem like common sense. But common sense isn't always common knowledge. Follow these rules when cleaning the surgical suite:

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