Client Engagement: Model & Strategies

Instructor: Allison Tanner
This lesson describes a client engagement model and a client engagement strategy with a focus on client centrality. The lesson gives examples of building a model and identifies potential strategies for client engagement.

Client Engagement Model

A/R Tech is an accounts receivable software that sells a cloud based solution for receiving payments. Although the company has created a great product, it has not mastered the skill of using a client centric approach to client engagement. Because of this, the company is struggling to close deals and keep clients!

Client Engagement Man (C.E.) has been watching A/R Tech for some time. He knows that connecting with clients is more than just saying hello and 'closing the deal'; there needs to be a focus on the customer. After watching A/R tech struggle for the past few months, C.E. swoops in to save the company from failure!

C.E. explains to A/R Tech that not having a client engagement model is harming its success! He suggests that A/R Tech develop a client engagement model focused on client centrality. C.E goes on to tell A/R that a client engagement model is a structured design or plan for engaging clients, and clients centric means that the company will focus on the clients' wants, needs, and interests above and beyond its own. C.E. says that creating a client engagement model will add structure to the process, and focusing on customer centrailty will increase the interests of clients.

Building a Client Engagement Model

C.E. says that a client engagement model is important for helping an organization's leaders build its strategy and understand how they can best engage with their clients. In general, the model should be developed from the client life cycle which demonstrates the process of initiating engagement and maintaining a relationship with clients.

Sample Client Lifecycle
client lifecycle

There are two major components of the client life cycle:

  1. Onbording Stage: Creating New Clients
  2. Maintenance Stage: Keeping Clients

Each stage is important and the model should reflect the differences between acquiring a new client and maintaining an old client.

Pulling out a model, C.E. shows A/R Tech how a basic model can be used to build their strategy.

Sample Model

This model shows some basic engagement opportunities. C.E. explains that A/R Tech, and any other company, would want to create a model that best fits its goals. Most of all, in a client centric approach, the model should reflect a focus on identifying and supporting the clients' wants, needs, and interests.

Engagement Strategies

Once the model is developed, A/R Tech can focus on specific client engagement strategies. These are the actual processes used to engage with the clients.

C.E. tells A/R Tech leaders they should consider including some key concepts in their strategy:

  • Gathering client input
  • Creating a strong brand and product around the wants, needs, and interests of their clients
  • Sending messages (social media, email, phone calls)

Using these key concepts, A/R Tech leaders can build their company-specific strategy.

This might include:

  • Sending surveys to ask clients what they want
  • Placing phone calls
  • Using social media engagement
  • Hosting lunches
  • Entertaining clients at gatherings
  • Checking on product success
  • Looking for up-sale opportunities

…and the list goes on.

C.E has prepared an example for A/R Tech to build from.

Sample Strategy

He explains that the strategy on this model is just an example, and that A/R Tech leaders will want to build a client centric engagement strategy that fits their company's culture and product. However, this is a useful tool for understanding some of the many options that can be included in an engagement strategy.

Emphasizing Customer Centrality

C.E. explains that in a client engagement model, customer centrality goes above and beyond engagement. This means that A/R Tech will not make calls just for the sake of connecting with clients. Rather, it will seek to build genuine relationships focused on its clients.

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