Cloud Analytics Services: Features & Providers

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Cloud analytic services are cloud-based systems consumers can use to analyze big data and generate business insights. In this lesson, you'll learn more about this cloud service and see popular examples of providers.

Big Data Usage

No one utilizes big data like Amazon. They have refined the process in such a way that they can deliver personalized recommendations of products you might like while you're scoping out other items on their website. Most recently, they have developed a concept known as ''anticipatory shipping,'' where they fulfill and ship your order before you even realize you need it, based on information such as your most likely purchases and the time frame in which you might order them.

Amazon has mastered the idea of harnessing big data to gain a competitive advantage.
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No doubt, the data behind Amazon's website has had a lot to do with the company's success since first arriving on the e-commerce scene in 1994. But, it's not enough to simply have the data, you have to know what to do with it to turn it into something useful.

That's where today's cloud analytics services come into play.

What Are Cloud Analytics Services?

Cloud analytics services refers to a set of cloud-based solutions for businesses that helps them harness the power of the volumes of data they're collecting. It provides for a way to organize, manage and analyze data in a way that provides insights for making business decisions. In some cases a service might combine software tools with data storage in the cloud. In other cases, a business might create the software tools and use the data storage and computing power of cloud services to work on their data.

Like so many things today, the shift in storing, organizing and processing this data is toward a cloud environment, where components like data warehouses are flexible, scalable and more inexpensive than hosting data on site. And, even better, business owners can view and analyze data from any web browser anywhere in the world.

Taking advantage of this cloud-based solution requires a service provider that offers the resources and tools necessary for the consumer to sort through data and grab valuable insights.

Service Providers

There are many Cloud Analytics offerings available to business owners. Some offer a complete suite of software and hardware that require little work by the owner. Other offerings focus on providing the hardware required for storage and analysis, but the business owner provides both the data and software.

The full-service model

Google Analytics is a free tool that, by some estimates, is installed on more than 67 million websites circling the globe. In essence Google Analytics monitors a businesses' website and provides the software and cloud-based hardware needed to analyze data on website users. The service takes the data, such as where internet traffic is coming from and what types of devices users are using, and puts it together for the website owner in a variety of formats such as charts, graphs and downloadable reports.

Business owners can view real-time data on how visitors are utilizing a website, such as what products they're browsing or what articles they're reading, as well as demographic details about site visitors, how much time they're spending on a given webpage and the types of conversions happening. All of this happens by the addition of a simple piece of code in the website. Google Analytics takes care of all the rest, making it simple for the website owner.

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