Cloud Runtime & Framework Services: Features & Providers

Instructor: Giorgos-Nektarios Panayotidis

George-Nektarios has worked as a tutor and student consultant for five years and has a 4-year university degree in Applied Informatics.

What is the Runtime & Frameworks Service in the context of Cloud? What features does it have and what are the main providers of such services? This is what we will be exploring in this lesson.

Building in the Cloud!

What's it like to build in the Cloud? No, we're not referring to skyscrapers here, but rather on the Cloud-based application development services. There are a plethora of environments and frameworks built for that particular purpose. Many runtime environments of the kind have been brought to life; these are Cloud-based ''development stacks''. In this lesson, we will take an exploratory walk into these novel technologies, we will name their functions and characteristics and list some of the prominent providers of such services.

Runtime & Frameworks functions and features

When it comes to Cloud Runtime & Frameworks Service, always keep in mind one simple thing: PaaS - Platform as a Service. PaaS is one of the three most important services concerning Cloud Computing is so closely related to Runtime & Frameworks that in some contexts it is almost seen as a synonym!


Let us now proceed to the main functions/tools offered in such Services by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Some of these are the following:

  • Runtime environments of multiple languages for application testing (for example, Python, Java)
  • A kit of software development tools (SDK)
  • An Administration Console for Cloud-Based App Management
  • A data storage, management and distribution repository (''data store'')


Common features included in Runtime & Framework Services are listed below.


Frameworks are in fact Web Application Frameworks. They include a set of code libraries and the elements that they consist of are web services, resources and APIs. Frameworks are a very efficient way to speed up code development by a great deal.


Due to the fact that Cloud-based application development is bound to need third-party services, Cloud Runtime & Frameworks Services very often come with APIs which render the integration, of those services possible. Some of the most frequently integrated elements are services, SaaS or databases of other platforms and third-party developers include Google, Microsoft and more. Sometimes, integration extends to client-side capabilities as well. A valid example here would be Google web toolkit (GWT) or Google gadgets. Overall, the end user of the Cloud-based Service is able to work on one API, while integrating services derived from a plethora of third parties.


Isolation is an important notion in terms of Cloud-based application development environments. A form that this notion takes in cloud app development is transaction and query isolation, when it comes to application data/databases. But the most important is environment isolation. This means that actions regarding the workloads, network traffic and data related to each and every environment are able to be carried out independently and with adequate performance.

Cloud Runtime & Frameworks Service providers


Google has the quite popular Google App Engine to offer. Google App Engine supports application development and runtime environments in many languages, such as Java, Python, PHP, SQL, Go etc. It provides a multitude of tools and an isolated, secure environment that runs swiftly.

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