Cold War Project Ideas

Instructor: Laura McNeice

Laura has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies Education and has been teaching for 7 years in North Carolina.

These projects are a fun way to help engage your learners in topics related to the Cold War. Students will focus on dates and key events during the time period between 1947-1991.

Why Cold War Projects?

The Cold War, from 1947 to 1991, was a tumultuous period of history that began at a time when the world was trying to bring itself back into a state of normal after World War II. As two world ''superpowers'' emerged, representing Communism and Democracy, their resentment towards each other and their constant need to one-up each other fueled a decades-long global battle of political tension and brinkmanship. These projects are designed to help students dig deeper into the individual events and people associated with the larger topic of the Cold War and better understand how they helped contribute to the mounting tensions. These projects are best suited for high school age students such as 10th or 11th graders.

Annotated Timelines

Materials: Computers for research, poster board, markers or sharpies, printers, printer paper

Have students generate a list of events from the Cold War based on their notes. Students should then research the following things about each event: date(s), key points of what happened, importance of event in the Cold War.

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