Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

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  • 0:05 Virtual Employment
  • 0:30 Dropbox & Google Drive
  • 1:16 Mind Maps & Google Docs
  • 2:34 Project Management
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

This lesson goes over some of the many collaboration tools virtual teams can use to improve their performance. These include Dropbox, Google Docs, and many more.

Virtual Employment

So you work virtually? Lucky you! Maybe you're sitting on a beach somewhere as you type away on that keyboard. Okay, maybe not, but one can dream, right?

Whether you work from your backyard, home office, or just have to connect with people in different parts of the world, there are collaboration tools to help you work together with your team or project partners without having to physically meet. Let's go over some of these tools.

Dropbox & Google Drive

Dropbox allows you to place anything from a document to a video into the cloud. No, not the cloud above your head. Cloud storage refers to the storage of data in a virtual manner thanks to the Internet. In other words, data that isn't stored locally on your PC.

Cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive, another cloud-based storage service accessed through Gmail, are really helpful for virtual teams as they allow the entire team to access the same documents, at the same time, across the entire world with the click of a mouse.

Dropbox and Google Drive are like the virtual equivalent of making copies of a file within the office and handing out stacks of paper to everyone. Except with cloud storage technologies, it's a lot faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly.

Mind Maps & Google Docs

Collaboration involves a lot more than just sharing documents or storing them in the cloud for later use. One of the great benefits of working with a team is the ability to think and create together. But that can be pretty hard when everyone is so far away from one another.

So how can you brainstorm together or even create spreadsheets together? Well, there are numerous solutions for this. One of them is collaborative mind maps using programs such as Coggle or MindMeister. These cloud-based collaborative brainstorming applications can help teams think through any process using a mind map. Anyone can contribute ideas and edit this virtual creativity session.

But what about actually creating some sort of output? Let's say that the brainstorming session revealed the need for a spreadsheet where everyone can keep track of revenues and expenses. This is where programs like Google Docs come to the rescue.

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