Commercial Ideas for School Projects

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Do you pay attention to commercials? The projects offered here will allow your students to create commercials in many forms to promote concepts and concerns important to them. The projects can be used for upper elementary aged students and above.

Creating Commercials for Projects

Creating commercials or advertisements are a great way to incorporate cross-curriculum topics into a single project. There are many different mediums to use when creating commercials, and your students will be fully engaged while composing and completing these fun, creative projects.

The projects offered here can be altered to be appropriate for any age group. Discretion should be used when assigning projects requiring electronic devices to elementary aged students.

Great Actors Can Sell Anything

This project allows students to compose and act out a commercial.


  • Video recording device
  • Props/costumes as desired by students


  • Divide your students into small groups (3-5 students per group).
  • Conduct a class discussion on strange or weird products students have seen. You can start the discussion with items such as:
    • A fan that attaches to chopsticks to cool noodles while eating
    • Toilet seat warmer
    • A machine to pre-chew bubble gum when it is too hard
  • Instruct each group to brainstorm together to come up with an odd invention. The groups must:
    • Decide on a product.
    • Write a list of functions the product has.
    • Draw a diagram of the product.
  • Now, with the product in mind, the groups must compose a commercial to sell their product. Every student in the group must have a role in the production of the commercial.
  • Instruct your students to spend time practicing their commercials and gathering appropriate props and costumes before recording it.
  • At a designated time, play all the recorded commercials. Have a class vote on:
    • Which is the most unusual product?
    • Which commercial sold their product the best?

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