Common Core State Standards Lesson Plan Template

Instructor: Derek Hughes
Lesson planning is a very important aspect of teaching. You must know how to write a detailed lesson plan before teaching. This lesson will detail the important areas of a lesson plan written to meet Common Core State Standards.

Common Core State Standards

As a teacher, everything you teach is tied to a set of learning standards and objectives. These standards help ensure that you are teaching your students developmentally appropriate material that builds on concepts they have previously learned.

In 2009, many educational professionals got together to create a set of standards that states could adopt to ensure that every student in the country is learning the same concepts at the same time. These standards are now known as Common Core State Standards.

This shift in standards means that your lessons plans most likely need to be written to reflect them. This lesson will outline several of the most important components of a Common Core State Standards lesson plan and can be used as a template for writing your own lesson plans.

Components of the Lesson Plan

There are several key areas that every lesson plan should address. The following section (the lesson plan template) will include examples of each of these components. These are:

Learning objective(s): a statement about what students will learn during the lesson and how they will demonstrate understanding.

Cluster: groups of standards that directly relate to and build on one another. The Common Core State Standards are organized into clusters, therefore, your lesson plan should show where in a cluster the lesson falls. This section will change depending on the curriculum your school uses and the set of standards of your state.

Common Core State Standards Addressed: a section that details exactly which standards are being addressed in the lesson. This is simply a list of every standard the lesson meets.

Lesson Procedure: outline exactly what you and your students will do during the lesson. You should include how you will access background knowledge, what you will do to introduce the material, and how students will practice and show mastery of the concept.

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