Communicating in Team-Based Organizations

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  • 0:45 Key Elements of Teams
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
The key to successful teams is the ability to communicate effectively. All business teams must learn to communicate, listen, ask questions and offer feedback.

Communicating in Teams

Evil World is a huge business that is run by three super villains in New York City. Their company has been responsible for the stealing of the world's peanut butter and the takedown of parade balloons in New York City. Now, they have even bigger plans for this next year.

Calamity Man, Perilous Pete, and Havoc Heiress all met while in college and soon after realized they had a lot in common. They all enjoyed working together as a team in planning destructive events. Their success revolves around their ability to communicate in a team-based organization, which is when individuals actively listen, offer feedback, and solve problems by working together. Evil World has reached world domination by practicing key tenants of successful teamwork.

Key Elements of Teams

Havoc Heiress learned in business school that there are three special factors that need to exist for teams to communicate successfully. Energy, engagement, and exploration allow Evil World to continue to develop successful team evil plans. Our three villains are currently crafting a plan to take over the Internet. A team meeting has been called, and all three members have just arrived at headquarters.

Havoc likes to run the meetings with lots of energy, or team interaction, which is the first element of a successful team. Team members are allowed to all contribute ideas and talk directly with each other. For example, Calamity Man feels the best time to take the Internet down is right before the upcoming presidential election, while Perilous Pete thinks that before the Super Bowl would have a bigger impact. Although the team has many evil personalities, they all know best how to interact with each other.

They also enjoy each other's evil company and have engagement, or interest in each other's plans. They all support all diabolical plans and provide feedback.

Lastly, they engage in exploration, where each of the team members communicates with outsiders for additional ideas and feedback. The team decides to end their meeting by agreeing to run their Internet takeover plans past each of their other friends and families. They will then use a secret tool to reconvene and launch the plan.

Tools of Team Communication

Teams also need to be able to actively listen, ask questions, and offer feedback in many different avenues. In order for teams to operate effectively in today's business environment, many different tools are used to communicate. Face-to-face meetings, emails, one-on-one presentations, and visuals are all tools that companies can use to facilitate great team meetings.

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