Communicating Information Using Computer Applications

Instructor: Euan Russano

Euan has a Phd degree in Engineering and offers private training and tutoring in Programming and Engineering.

The use of computers has created a revolution in the way we communicate and transmit information. In this lesson, you will see the different ways that information can be conveyed using computer applications.


Modern technology is at its peak these days. Most people reliably use a digital system to communicate efficiently with each other. Different devices (hardware), from a handheld device to personal computers, are being used for effective communication. Other than hardware, having proper software can make communication more easy and effective.

Data communication is the process of transmitting data electronically from one place to another, using various mediums. For example, person A needs to go from one house to another, and there is a path that can be used to walk from one house to the other. Hence, that path became a medium. Likewise, cable wires and satellites are used to transfer the data electronically.


Software is a program that allows the user to perform some task. It tells the peripheral devices connected to the computer what to do and how to perform tasks. Without software, the computer will not be able to do anything useful. Software can be divided into two types:

  • Application Software
  • System Software

System software is a collection of programs that handles the logical operation of the computer. It is used as an interface between the hardware, user, and application software. When a user needs to run application software like a word processing program, then the computer must have system software running in the background. Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. are examples of system software.

Application software is an end-user program. This software is not pre-installed on the computer. It needs to be installed, either from physical media or from the internet. Users use this software to perform specific tasks. There are many types of applications to cater to the needs of the user, but mainly application software is divided into four categories:

  • Business
  • Graphics and Multimedia
  • Personal/Educational
  • Communication

These four categories of application software are further divided into numerous categories. Different types of applications can communicate information in different ways.

Business Applications

Many applications are created to cater to the different needs of the business to assist in daily tasks like writing letters, presenting information to customers, creating reports, etc. Word processing and presentation software are a few examples.

Word Processing Applications

Word Processing applications are used to communicate the written word. Documentation can be created and designed, edited, printed using several powerful word processing tools.

It is mostly used in schools, colleges, government institutions, and offices. This software is useful for writing letters, books, and reports. There are many tools that can be used to make the document more readable like formatting tools, fonts, layouts, grammar and spelling checks, synonym, antonyms, etc.

Presentation Applications

Presentation software is a combination of written and visual ways of communication. Powerpoint and Apple Keynotes are some examples of this kind of software.

This software uses slides to present information using graphs, charts, videos, etc. For example, one can create a presentation and use it in a sales pitch to attract customers, or teachers can use a presentation to help students learn about various topics using pictures, text, and videos. It is one of the most effective ways of communication as it helps the speaker to communicate his ideas easily and the participants to understand them better because of the visual aids.

Multimedia and Graphics

Graphic software help artists, architects, designers to create pictures, logos, videos, audio, designs, etc.

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