Communication Skills in the Hospitality Industry

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

The hospitality industry is a demanding sector that requires great communication skills in order to succeed. This lesson takes a look at communication with customers, between staff and management, and other general tips for effective communication in hospitality.

Communication in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is a very fast-paced environment that deals with people on a daily basis. Hospitality staff are not sitting behind a computer sending emails; they are interacting with customers every minute. Customers expect to receive exceptional service when staying at a hotel, visiting a restaurant, or flying on a plane. Without communication, this is not possible.

Communication is the exchange of information between people. You can imagine how hard it would be to land planes without the communication between air traffic controllers and pilots. There would be too many planes trying to land on the same runway. Similarly, it would be difficult to provide exceptional service for a customer staying at a hotel without communicating with them about their expectations. Let's take a look at communicating with customers, communicating with staff and management, and other skills needed in the hospitality industry.

Communication with Customers

The first critical part of communication in the hospitality industry is the communication with customers. The hospitality industry is also known as the service industry. In order to provide service to customers, there has to be communication. Customers have to communicate with service staff in order to make reservations for hotels, airlines, and restaurants. The service professionals in the hospitality industry need to be able to speak to customers and provide information.

For example, when checking into a hotel, if there is not clear communication with the customer, then the customer will not know where their room is located or how to get there. This needs to be communicated to them when they check in.

Also, if a customer has an issue, it is vital that the service staff communicate effectively in order to resolve the issue. For example, let's say that you are at a restaurant and your order is incorrect. The server needs to communicate to you that they are going to fix the situation and apologize for the error. If the server is not able to communicate properly in this situation, it could cause bigger issues.

Communication with Coworkers

In addition to communicating with the customer, the staff and management need to be able to communicate with each other as well. In our example about the restaurant, the situation could have been a communication error that caused the wrong order to be served. It could have been avoided if proper communication was used between the server and the kitchen staff.

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