Communism Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts

Communism Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts
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  • 0:03 What Is Communism?
  • 1:02 The Beginnings of Communism
  • 1:46 Communism Today
  • 2:02 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Charles Kinney, Jr.
In this lesson, you'll discover how and where communism started. You'll also see why communism seemed like a good idea but didn't work out the way people thought it would.

What Is Communism?

The basic idea of communism is that a country's government controls everything. Individual people can't own property by themselves because everything is shared. The goal is to try to make life fair and equal for everyone. The poor and weak are treated the same as the rich. In fact, in communism, there are no rich people because everyone is considered equal.

Before communism, there was an idea that even though you worked hard, the result of your work went to the person who owned the field or factory you worked in. Whoever owned the factory made all the money. As a worker, you might be paid some money, but it was not even close to the value of your work.

While communism might seem like a good idea, it does not work and has caused communist countries to have many problems. Additionally, humans sometimes are greedy and do not want to share things, but in a communist country, they have no choice. With communism, people make the same money if they work hard or not, so there is no motivation to try to do better. There is no reward for hard work.

The Beginnings of Communism

Communism grew from an idea by a man named Karl Marx. He believed that eventually people would get tired of being overworked, and they would get rid of the farm or factory owners.

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