Community-Based Health Care Services for the Elderly

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  • 0:03 Late Adulthood
  • 1:10 Community-Based Health Care
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

Many people work hard to bring health care to elderly patients without making them travel to the doctor. Watch this video to find out about community-based health care options for the elderly, including what they are and common types of them.

Late Adulthood

Terry has a problem. He's getting on in years and has some health problems to show for it. He has trouble getting around, thanks to his arthritis and a hip replacement surgery he had last year. He also has high blood pressure and has to take medication for it.

Terry is in late adulthood, or the time of life after age 65. There are many benefits to this time in life. For example, now that he's retired, Terry is able to spend more time with his grandkids. He also likes to hang out with his friends, which he does more often. Now that he's retired, he doesn't have all the stress from work that he used to have!

But late adulthood also comes with some challenges. Many people, including Terry, find that their health is not as good as it was when they were younger. And, like Terry, many of them find that their health issues make it difficult for them to get around as well as they used to.

So, what can someone like Terry do? Let's take a closer look at community-based health care, including what it is and types of organizations and care.


Terry has trouble getting around, so he doesn't leave his house as often anymore. His friends and family come to visit him, but that still leaves him with some issues. He has to get his blood pressure checked regularly, and he needs some help keeping track of all of the medication that he needs to take for his various health challenges. But getting to the doctor's office is very difficult, and while he can make it there every once in a while, he can't get there every week.

What can Terry do?

Community-based health care, also called CBHC, offers health care services that are administered in the community where the patient lives. This could mean that a health care team offers screening at a local senior center or church, or it could involve a health care worker visiting someone like Terry at home. The idea behind CBHC is to bring health care to the person in their lives, rather than to have him or her go to a health care facility.

Take Terry's problems, for example. He has trouble getting to the doctor's office, but he needs someone to regularly check his blood pressure and to help him manage all of his medication. One CBHC service that he could take advantage of would be to have a nurse come visit him once a week. She could check his blood pressure and put all his pills into a pill sorter, so he knows which pills to take which days. This could really help him out!

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