Company Details for Digital Marketing & Advertising Assignments

Instructor: Ryan Villard
The information below relates to the fictional company EcoFresh, and will be used as the company details for Digital Marketing & Advertising's assignments.

The company and associated digital assets listed in this assignment do not exist and were created solely for this assignment. When you do your research, analysis and develop your digital marketing plan, assume this company exists and must compete with actual natural home cleaning products manufacturers and existing sales channels. See assignment 1, assignment 2, and assignment 3.

Assignment Overview

EcoFresh is an environment-friendly natural cleaning products company that's looking to grow their digital marketing presence, and you're preparing a digital marketing plan to convince them that your agency will help them achieve their business goals. Your goal is to create a 12-month digital marketing plan to promote EcoFresh and achieve the company's business goals. Remember, you work for an agency who is trying to win the EcoFresh account.

Your budget is as follows:

  • Marketing Budget: $115,500 to spend on digital advertising media over the next 12 months.
  • The EcoFresh Marketing budget also includes up to an additional $90,000 for advertising creative and content development, and for the agency to manage the program.

EcoFresh Situation

Two years ago, Alice Freeman founded EcoFresh, a digital, direct-to-consumer enterprise that produces and sells natural home cleaning supplies. The company has a strong commitment to the environment and to only marketing safe and healthful products. EcoFresh has a fully-functional website and E-commerce store located at, social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+, and a tele-sales/customer service center that handles both inbound and outbound calls.

EcoFresh does not offer discounts or coupons and uses an everyday low price strategy. The company offers customers free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

Digital Asset Size Current Uses Primary Traffic Source Website 26,208 monthly unique visitors, last 30 days Product sales and information Google
EcoFresh Facebook 297,857 likes
Company and Product information and news, repost Instagram and Twitter posts. Google
EcoFresh Instagram 28 posts
following 118
Product photos and news Google
EcoFresh Twitter
Not a verified account
187 tweets
following 14
0 lists
0 moments
Promote Referral Rewards Too low to measure
EcoFresh Google+ 21 followers Contains some basic company information and link to website Too low to measure

Website usage statistics last 30 days:

Bounce Rate: 61.4%

Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 5.74

Daily Time on Site: 8:38

Upstream Sites (Which sites did people visit immediately before this site?)

Percent of Unique Visits

  1. 61.4%
  2. 9.8%
  3. 1.3%
  4. 1.2%
  5. 1.1%

Top Keywords from Search Engines (Which search keywords send traffic to this site?)

Percent of Search Traffic.

  1. EcoFresh cleaner 3.17%
  2. EcoFresh coupons 2.87%
  3. EcoFresh laundry detergent 2.13%
  4. EcoFresh 2.08%
  5. EcoFresh rewards 1.93%

Website SEO performance statistics (Moz ratings)

Domain Authority: 27 /100

Page Authority: 18/100

Established Links: 285 Root Domains, 1,394 Total Links


The company currently only sells to directly to consumers and does not do any sales through other retailers, or to wholesalers and distributors. After a year of planning and testing, the company started selling to the general public on January 2 of Year 2. Sales growth has been very strong primarily due to competitive pricing, consumer trends and customer referrals driven by the company's Referral Rewards program.

Year EcoFresh Revenue
In thousand US dollars
Annual Growth Rate Digital Advertising Budget
In thousand US dollars
Number of Active Customers
One or more orders in year
Average Order
Year 1 $0 -- $0 0 0
Year 2 $567.2 -- $1.9 11,690 $48.52
Year 3 $1,267.4 123% $12.4 31,957 $39.66
Next year (plan) $2,387.1 88% $115.5 55,514 $43.00

EcoFresh's fiscal year starts on January 1 and ends on December 31.

EcoFresh Referral Rewardstm: EcoFresh offers customers a bonus for referrals. If a customer refers a new customer to EcoFresh, the referring customer gets a bonus of 10% of the new, referred customer's first order added to their EcoFresh account. The EcoFresh bonus can be applied to the purchase of any EcoFresh or Amazon purchase. The EcoFresh Referral Rewards program was launched on January 2 of Year 2 and is the primary new customer acquisition source. In the last 30 days, 63% of new customers were referred by members of the Referral Rewards program.

EcoFresh Products: EcoFresh manufactures all of their products in an environmentally-friendly, carbon-neutral factory located in Las Vegas, Nevada. All products are plant-based, free of animal products and are vegan. In addition, products are not tested on animals. EcoFresh also does not use phosphates, optical brighteners, synthetic surfactants, synthetic solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in any of their products.

The company currently offers 14 products - all are made from natural, organic, plant-based ingredients.

Product Assortment

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