Comparisons of Equality in Spanish

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Kristen May

Kristen has taught middle school, high school and college Spanish and holds a master's degree in Spanish language and literature.

Do you know how to compare things that are equal in Spanish? This lesson will introduce you to the simple pattern you can use to compare two nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs.

Comparisons of Equality in Spanish

One of the most basic communicative tasks in any language involves making comparisons. In this lesson, we'll discuss the use of the phrases:

  • tanto/a(s)+noun+como
  • verb+tanto como
  • tan+adjective+como
  • tan+adverb+como

to compare two equal things.

Comparing Nouns

If you want to compare two nouns, you would use the format tanto/a(s)+noun+como, which translates to 'as much as' or 'as many as.'

When using this phrase, you must be certain that tanto agrees in number and gender with the first noun you're comparing to another noun.

The options for tanto are as follows:

  • Tanto: masculine singular noun.
  • Tanta: feminine singular noun.
  • Tantos: masculine plural noun.
  • Tantas: feminine plural noun.

Let's look at some sentences using the word los perros:

  • Marta tiene ocho perros. Linda también tiene ocho perros. (Marta has eight dogs. Linda also has eight dogs.)

To compare them both, you use tanto.

  • Marta tiene tantos perros como Linda. (Marta has as many dogs as Linda).

Now here are three more examples using el dinero, la tolerancia, and las amigas.

  1. Marta tiene tanto dinero como Linda. (Marta has as much money as Linda).
  2. Linda muestra tanta tolerancia como Marta. (Linda demonstrates as much tolerance as Marta).
  3. Linda hace tantas amigas como Marta. (Linda makes as many friends as Marta).

Comparing Verbs

Sometimes you want to say someone does something 'as much as' or 'as often as' someone else. In this case, we use the structure verb+tanto como.

You can do this with any verbs you like. In this first example, we will use 'to eat', comer:

  • Miguel come tanto como Ana. (Miguel eats as much as Ana.)

Here's an example with 'to study', estudiar:

  • Ana estudia tanto como Miguel. (Ana studies as much as Miguel.)

Comparing Adjectives

When you want to compare the description of two nouns, you use the structure tan+adjective+como. Please note, you need to make sure the adjective agrees in number and gender with the first noun you are comparing. For example, we will compare using the adjective guapo.

  • Celina es tan guapa como Eduardo
  • Eduardo es tan guapo como Celina.

(Celina is as good looking as Eduardo. Eduardo is as good looking as Celina.) Did you note how guapo changed depending on which noun came first in the sentence?

Here's another example, using inteligente.

  • Celina y Eduardo son tan inteligentes como la profesora.
  • La profesora es tan inteligente como Celina y Eduardo.

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