Competitive Intelligence for SEO

Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Competitive intelligence for SEO is essential for a company to have a strong online presence. In this lesson, we will discuss how to analyze competitors and use this information to improve your online presence.

Competitive Intelligence For SEO

Do you feel like you're tangled in the world wide web and need help getting more traffic to your website? Search engine optimization or SEO, helps a company rank higher when an online search is performed. There are many different competitive intelligence tools online.

Why is Competitive Intelligence Important to Companies?

Competitive intelligence (CI) is when a company gathers publicly-available information about competitors and uses the information to help gain a business advantage.

Finding out what online avenues your competitors are pursuing is important for your company. Determining competitor tactics for SEO and analyzing what is or is not working for them will help you have a stronger SEO presence.

SEO ranking is essential because it helps generate traffic to your website which could increase sales. SEO ranking allows you to stay competitive and by analyzing competitor's tactics, it helps you learn new methods to have a stronger online presence. You want to show up in a search engine on the top of a customer search, which is why SEO rankings are so important to today's businesses.

Imagine you own a company called The Cool Candle Company and you want to make sure you are utilizing SEO properly. It would be essential to gather information to determine what other candle companies you are competing with and how you can create keywords to draw in traffic. You would want to take a look at your competitors such as Yankee Candles and analyze which keywords they are using and if you can use the same keywords to stay competitive with them. Finding the right keywords for The Cool Candle Company could help them generate more traffic and more sales.

SEO Online Tools

SEO planning entails using different online tools to help gain information about competitors and customers. A quick search of tools for SEO will display many different online SEO tools. Some of the tools are free, and some have small fees associated with them. These tools are constantly growing and expanding what they are able to offer.

Analyzing keywords is a basic function that companies use to decide which words should be included on their website. For instance, if a competitor's ads are generating more keyword hits than yours, you will want to improve your keywords by determining which keywords they are using and updating your site to include those words as well.

Types of SEO Tools and What They can Offer

  • There are SEO tools available that will help alert you about your competitor's SEO activity. This tool is helpful to keep track of your competitor's moves and learn how they are making SEO work for them.
  • There are online tools that will allow you to see the keyword trends for your particular market segment. This is especially important if you want to attract a more global presence because it lets you look at search trends by specific region.
  • There are online tools available that help a company develop ideas for keywords to use for specific marketing campaigns.
  • There are online tools that analyze the different demographics of people who visit a website and the types of people who use their keywords.
  • Another popular SEO tool is used to help gain specific data on what people are searching for, how they are searching, and what search engine they are using to search.

Gathering Competitive Intelligence

When a company first enters the market, it is essential to analyze customer behavior. You want to know what the customers are searching for and what their expectations are from you as a company. You not only want to determine how you can act on customer search behavior, but you also want to find out how competitors are taking advantage of customer search behaviors.

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