Computer Terms: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Trenton Judson

Trenton is an assistant English professor with a Master's degree in English.

Computers have a language that's all their own! In this lesson, learn some key terms to help you understand the language that makes computers so interesting.

Computers: A language of their own

A Desktop Computer

Nowadays, we use computers for everything! Computers are in our phones, on our laps, in our iPads and tablets, and even on our desks! Because we use them so much, it's important to know what words to use because computers have a language all their own.

Some of this may be a review, but pay close attention because one day when you are surfing the net, trying to complete a school project, or messaging a friend on Facebook, these terms could really come in handy!

The Basics

A desktop and laptop are the two basic types of computers. And you guessed it! A desktop is the one you use at school in the computer lab, and a laptop is the one you can carry around. Both of them have a Central Processing Unit or CPU, which is the main part of the computer that carries out all the instructions. A laptop has the CPU built in it and the desktop has its CPU in a separate rectangular box

Knowing your home screen

After your computer is turned on, you come to what's called the home screen. This is where there's usually a family photo or a picture of your brother's dog. There's also little folders and smaller pictures and even a trashcan! These pictures and folders take you to different places within the computer and are called icons.

Using the internet

Firefox is a common Web Browser

Some icons take you to internet pages like Facebook or Twitter, which are called social media sites. Social media sites are used to connect to friends, family, and even long distance relatives across the globe.

Icons can also be used to take you to the internet. These web browsers, like Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer, act as a bridge between your computer and the internet.

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