Confidence Building Activities for High School Students

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

High school is a crucial time for students to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. These activities can help bring some confidence building into your classroom.

Confidence Building

By high school, students are learning skills they will take into college or careers. Part of this includes learning to be confident in their abilities and personalities. The following activities are designed to help students build and demonstrate self-confidence. Since every teacher will undoubtedly have their own ideas for implementing these with their individual students, these activities are designed to be easily adaptable.

Confidence-Building Activities for High School

Shouting Recitation

Give each student a short passage, and tell them that they will be responsible for reading it aloud. Give students a little time to familiarize themselves with their passage. Take the class somewhere with lots of space. Each student will read their passage aloud to the class but will do it from a distance that requires them to shout to be heard. This can be horizontal or vertical distance. The point of this activity is to help students practice being assertive and to make their presence known while getting used to public speaking.

  • Materials: Short passages for reading, physical space


Self-portraits can be great for confidence building, regardless of students' artistic talents. While you can certainly ask students to do this as a one-time activity, it can also be interesting to guide students through a series of self-portraits over time. Here are a few options for self-portraits:

  • Ask students to draw or paint themselves realistically, but depicting themselves as confident or assertive.
  • Ask students to draw the cover of a superhero comic, with themselves as the superhero.
  • Ask students to draw themselves being successful in a career of their dreams.

Materials for these activities include art supplies as desired.

I Am Poem

Ask students to list their positive personality traits. They will work on translating this into metaphors in a 10-line poem. Every line with start with the words ''I am''. For the first three lines, students will compare themselves to a nature metaphor (i.e., I am a babbling brook). In the next three lines, students will compare themselves to a cityscape or building (i.e., I am a skyscraper). For the next three lines, students will list three true things about themselves. Finally, they will end with ''I am (insert name)''.

  • Materials: Writing supplies

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