Conflict Resolution Activities for the Workplace

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

Workplace conflict resolution training is often part of a company's professional development program. These activities allow participants to assess the techniques they use in resolving conflict, learn about conflict resolution styles and discuss how to apply them.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

The following conflict resolution activities prompt participants to think about how they handle difficult situations in the workplace and how to be proactive to minimize or eliminate conflict. Participants are given the chance to explore how they experience and respond to conflict at work. Each activity also offers the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of various responses to conflict, and how to be proactive in minimizing conflict and its effects.

Personal Response to Conflict Survey

When conflict occurs in the workplace how do you handle it? Are there other, more effective ways to deal with it? This personal survey provides insight on how participants handle conflict and allows them to reflect on the best course of action.


  • Copies of the conflict survey

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