Conjunction Activities & Games

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

When students know how conjunctions work, they can make more complex sentences in their speaking and writing. This lesson offers you some activities and games you can use for teaching your students about conjunctions.

The Role of Conjunctions

Most students implicitly understand what conjunctions are, since they are used so ubiquitously in language. Conjunctions, those words that connect one clause to another, are all over spoken and written language. Many students, however, do not exactly understand what conjunctions are, how they work, or why they matter. Also, students might not always understand when to choose one conjunction over another, and they might not know what they need to modify in their speaking and writing to make space for conjunctions. This lesson will help you make your grammar instruction more interesting and fun by sharing some games and activities you can use in teaching conjunctions.

Conjunction Games

These games help students get excited and have fun while practicing their use of conjunctions.

Which Conjunction?

Break your students into teams for this game. If they want, students can come up with team names and colors. Have your students sit with their team. Flash two clauses on your Smartboard or large paper. The first team to correctly suggest what conjunction should be used to attach the clauses gets a point for that round. Some examples of clauses include:

  • I want to go to the store _____ I have to stop by the bank first.
  • She likes to eat chocolate _____ she also likes to eat ice cream.
  • Do you want to play at my house _____ do you want to play at your house?

The correct answers to these, respectively, are but, and, or. You can also add a challenge to this game by putting the onus on students to come up with pairs of clauses.

And, And, But

This game is best played in small groups, and it is similar to the popular Duck Duck Goose game, but with a grammatical twist. Play outside or in a gym. The first student chooses two conjunctions. He or she walks around a circle, gently tapping the other students on their heads and saying the first conjunction. When he says a different conjunction, the student he taps has to get up and chase him around the circle. If the chaser tags the runner, the runner becomes 'it;' if the runner makes it all the way around, the chaser remains 'it.' However, in either case, once the round has ended, the person who remains standing has to say a sentence that includes each of the conjunctions being used in the round.

Conjunction Activities

These activities also help students make sense of conjunctions in hands-on ways.

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