Connecting With Your Audience Through Writing

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Connecting with your audience through writing is a necessity in the work place in order to garner the needed response. Investigating the audience's background and enabling certain steps will position your message to deliver the greatest impact.

Knowing Your Audience

The ability to connect to your audience through writing is vital to the success of a message. It is crucial to know, identify, understand and communicate effectively with your target audience. There are some guidelines to follow that will allow you to develop a good, trusting relationship with your audience. This lesson will cover specific steps, such as identifying your audience, utilizing an emotional appeal, and embracing 'you'-focused language, in order to attract and maintain your audience's attention.

Colin Worth has been tasked to write a proposal to send to three investors. Mostess Cakes is in need of some financial blood to keep their company from dissolving. The pastry company makes the most popular snack cakes in the country and wants Colin to ask for an investment of three million dollars. Since this is a crucial assignment, Colin has spent time researching techniques on how to connect with an audience through writing. See for yourself if you think Colin has succeeded in his task.

How to Connect

Colin's research has uncovered some excellent tips. These eight suggestions have been adopted in Colin's proposal to the three investors:

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