Conseguir Conjugation: Present Tense & Command

Instructor: Raychelle Heath

Raychelle has a BA in Spanish and an MFA in Writing. She has studied in Puerto Rico and currently lives in Mexico. She has taught Spanish in various settings.

Ever wonder where you can get a battery for your watch? Or maybe where you can get great decorations for a party? The verb ''conseguir'' means 'to get'. Learn how to conjugate this verb in present tense and the command form.

Planning the Class Party

Ms. Molina and her students are planning their end of year party. They have lots of things that they need to get. They'll need the verb conseguir (cone-say-gear, 'to get') to finalize their plans.

We can use it too to talk about things we get for ourselves or for others, and it can also mean 'to achieve'. Let's look at how to conjugate the verb conseguir, before listening in on some examples.

Conjugating Conseguir in the Present Tense

The present tense is used to talk about habits and actions that happen in the present. The verb conseguir follows the same pattern as the verb seguir in the present tense.

Subject Pronoun Present Tense Pronunciation Translation
yo consigo cone-SEE-go I get
consigues cone-SEE-gays You (informal) get
él,ella,Usted consigue cone-SEE-gay He,she, you (formal) get
nosotros/nosotras conseguimos cone-say-GEE-mose We get
vosotros/vosotras conseguís cone-say-GEES You (plural, informal) get
ellos,ellas,Ustedes consiguen cone-SEE-gen They (male,female), you (plural, informal) get

Examples in the Present

Here are a few examples of conseguir in the present tense.

  • Consigo dos vestidos. (I get two dresses.)
  • Ustedes consiguen la nueva casa. (You all get the new house.)
  • Conseguimos buenas calificaciones. (We achieve good grades.)
  • Conseguimos todas las sillas. (We get all of the chairs.)


Let's listen in to Ms. Molina and her students.

Ms. Molina: Tenemos nuestra fiesta en una semana y necesitamos conseguir muchas cosas. 'Quien nos puede ayudar? (We have our party next week and we need to get many things. Who can help us?)

Student 1: Yo siempre consigo el pastel. (I always get the cake.)

Student 2:Y yo siempre consigo los tacos. (And I always get the tacos.)

Ms. Molina:Muy bien. 'Y quien puede conseguir las decoraciones? (Very good. And who can get the decorations?)

Student 3:Mi mamá y yo conseguimos muy buenas decoraciones en nuestra colonia. (My mom and I get very good decorations in our neighborhood.)

Student 1:Es la verdad. Ellos consiguen globos y flores de muchos colores diferentes. (It's true. They get balloons and flowers of many different colors.)

Ms. Molina:Muy bien. Y yo puedo conseguir las bebidas. (Very good. And I can get the drinks.)

My mom and I get the decorations
balloons for the party

Conjugating Conseguir in the Command Form

The command tense is used to give people orders to do things. There is no yo command because one does not command oneself. The implied subject for most commands is 'you'. Conseguir follows the same pattern as seguir in the command form.

Subject Pronoun Command Form Pronunciation Translation
consigue cone-SEE-gay You get! (informal)
usted consiga cone-SEE-gah You get! (formal)
nosotros/nosotras consigamos cone-see-GAH-mose Let's get!
vosotros/vosotras conseguid cone-SAY-geed You all get! (informal/plural)
ustedes consigan cone-SEE-gahn You all get! (formal/plural)

Example Commands

Here are a few examples of conseguir in the command form.

  • Juan, consigue la mesa para la junta. (Juan, get the table for the meeting.)
  • Por favor, consigan los libros. (Please get the books.)
  • Consigamos unas bicicletas. (Let's get some bikes.)

Lets get some bikes.
bikes on the beach

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