Construction Project Management: Definition & Examples

Instructor: Mike Miller
How are construction projects managed? Well, construction management is the process of managing construction projects. Let's step inside the world of construction management.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is the process of planning, coordinating and providing monitoring and controlling of a construction project. This style of project management is designed for the, as the name implies, construction industry. There are few types of construction that use construction management, they are industrial, civil, commercial, environmental and residential. Each category has its own way of running projects, but all will follow the construction management methodology.

Construction management has five stages, where project management has five phases. The stages are design, pre-construction, procurement, build, and owner occupancy.

The Five Stages

  • Design Stage

The design stage is where the project begins. This stage has to look at more than the planning stage in project management. It will look at concepts, schematics, contracts, design and regulatory and industry codes.

  • Preconstruction Stage

During the preconstruction stage the owner has given permission to begin the project. The construction team is assembled and documents are reviewed. The team will analyze all requirements and will need to perform a walkdown of the construction site. This walkdown will detail actual conditions and help identify any areas that were not identified in the design stage. The earlier issues are identified with the site, the easier they are to get corrected.

Steve is the project manager for a new home builder. His company has been awarded a couple's first new home build. Steve assembles the team and they perform a walkdown. Sean notices that the soil may not allow proper drainage and decides to perform a core bore. The bore results show that the soil will not allow drainage, so they will have to dig deeper and bring in new soil.

  • Procurement stage

During this stage, items are purchased and sub-vendors are selected and retained. Many companies can and will perform all needed job functions, but some will sub-contract items like electrical or plumbing. A construction manager has to properly vet a sub-contractor and ensure they are properly licensed and insured. Many construction managers selected cheap sub-contractors, only to find out that the work is subpar. For example, Joe is the construction manager for a new mall in New Jersey. Joe's company can handle everything except asphalt paving. Joe contacts a few asphalt companies in the area and arranges for a bid meeting. During the bid meeting, Joe discusses the project and hands out a project information packet. A week later bids are due and Joe selects the best value.

  • Build Stage

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