Conversationalist: Definition & Skills

Instructor: Allison Tanner
Mastering the art of conversation is important to your personal life, and essential to your business skills. This lesson defines a conversationalist and highlights some of his key skills.

What is a Conversationalist?

At the party, are you the one who is talking to everyone? Does everyone enjoy talking to you? If you can easily talk to people around you, and you are able to jump into a conversation with ease, then you are probably a conversationalist.

A conversationalist is someone who has mastered the skill of talking to people from a variety of backgrounds. The conversationalist is someone who not only starts the conversation, he keeps the energy flowing.

In business you will meet dozens, maybe even hundreds of people on a regular basis. Being a conversationalist is essential to developing relationships and connecting with potential clients.

Mastering the Art of Conversation

Meet Ben. Ben is a great conversationalist. He always knows what to say, when to say it, and how to say it!

You notice that Ben has some specific skills that are important to his ability to communicate.

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