Converting 6.1 Amperes to Milliamperes

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

This lesson will first teach you how to quickly convert 6.1 amperes to milliamperes and then will teach you the steps necessary to convert any amount of amperes to milliamperes.

Steps to Solve

Background Information

The ampere is symbolized as 'A' or 'amp' and is the fundamental unit of electrical current. When you see the prefix 'milli-' in front of another word or part of a word, you should remember that 'milli-' means one thousandth. You're probably very familiar with many 'milli-' terms already:

  • Millimeter
  • Milliliter
  • Millipede (although this term is erroneous since no known millipede actually has 1,000 legs)


Regardless, though, the prefix of 'milli-' works the same way for milliampere as it does for the terms you have already heard of. In other words, a milliampere, 'mA', is one thousandth of an ampere. You can alternatively view this as 1 ampere containing 1,000 milliamperes. Simply put:

1 A = 1,000 mA


1 mA = 1/1000 A

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