Coping Skills Activities for Adults

Instructor: Quentin Shires

Quentin has taught psychology and other social science classes at the university level and is considered a doctoral colleague at Capella University.

In this lesson, how different coping skills can be used during difficult times will be discussed. It also discusses making plans to follow some healthy coping skills that will help you maneuver through stressful situations.

The Effects of Stress on the Human Body

Coping with difficult situations is something we do almost every day of our lives, raising the stress levels that run through our bodies. Think back to the last time you encountered a difficult situation or stress. How did you handle this situation? Due to the quick pace of our lives, we tend to cope by ignoring stress that we encounter and hoping that it will go away.

However, this is not the healthiest approach to coping and can actually wreak havoc on our bodies. Stress symptoms can affect both our body and behavior, providing us with headaches, fatigue, and upset stomachs, in addition to feelings of anger, social withdrawal, sadness, and depression. No matter how you encounter stress, it is essential to learn coping skills so you can deal with the stress head on, and minimize this debilitating phenomenon.

Adults and Coping Skills

Experts have agreed that adults tend to experience more stress earlier in the day compared to their younger counterparts, who tend to experience more stress in the early evening. Although difficult situations can occur at any time of the day, it is important for adults to know some healthy activities that can help them through the obstacles of life and help them deal with stress in a more effective manner. Healthy coping skills and activities can help channel negative energy and emotions into something more positive, allowing individuals to effectively navigate difficult life transitions.

Coping Skills and Activities for Adults

When thinking of different coping skills and activities, it is important to think of activities and coping strategies that can be effective in different realms of our lives. Therefore, activities should be placed into different categories that can be used depending on the situation that you are experiencing. It is important to know that coping skills may take a lot of planning or they can be used very quickly, depending on what works for you. Take a look at some of the different coping skills that you can use in various situations.

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