Coping with Dating Violence

Instructor: Gaines Arnold
This lesson examines dating violence as it applies to teens and preteens. The discussion focuses on a scenario between a young man and woman, and talks about what the victim and friends of the victim can do in this situation.

Noticing a Controlling Relationship

Martin and Jeanne are both juniors in high school. They began dating shortly after he ended a two year relationship with Alice, who left him for another guy. This made Martin feel betrayed. He knew that Jeanne had wanted to date for a long time, so he took her out. Martin found that Jeanne was much more responsive to him, but she wasn't Alice. Jeanne was quiet where Alice had been the life of the party; Jeanne was also more afraid of losing the relationship.

The two seemed like a great pair at first, but close friends started noticing that something was wrong. Jeanne never went out unless she was with Martin, and when they were out, Jeanne seemed afraid to talk to any other guys. Her friends also noticed that Martin always had something negative to say about her or to her. He was never complimentary and was always flirting with other girls.

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