Corporate Blog: Tips & Best Practices

Instructor: Danielle Reed

Danielle works in digital marketing and advertising. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and an MBA.

Do you want to learn more about running a corporate blog? Use this lesson to familiarize yourself with best practices for writing a corporate blog and get some tips for its long-term care.

Whether you are a blog writer or running a company of your own, it is important to reach your customers, employees, and other interested parties with ease. A simple and free way to do this is through a corporate blog. A corporate blog is a blog published and/or used by an organization to reach its clients, stakeholders, shareholders, and more. There are advantages to having a corporate blog, but it is essential to never forget that the blog isn't representing you but is representing a company. Follow some tips for posting, and stick to blogging best practices to build the corporate blog you want.

Best Practices for Running a Corporate Blog

Before you get started with your blog, be sure to assess why you are blogging. Don't be a business that creates a blog section because you think you should - spend some time on that section instead. Some of the benefits of running a corporate blog include bringing inbound traffic to your site, boosting organic traffic to your site, and convincing prospective customers to choose your business. Organic traffic is traffic that comes to your site because of unpaid search results. Simply put, they've reached your site because of a search without an ad leading them to the page. Build your blog, build your website, and build your reputation.

Have Clear Objectives

Clear objectives for your blog save you time and focus your efforts. For example, let's say you are a small company that makes accessories for babies and your target customer is a mother with young children. Your blog needs to include concrete objectives for what you want to achieve while still relating to your business. You probably want to stick to a specific segment of the parenting market, such as raising an infant, and go from there. At the end of every post, include a bit of information about your product. Blogs aren't about selling products. Blogs are about making connections with customers and interested parties.

Focus on Blog Length

Remain consistent in the length of your blog articles so your reader knows what to expect. Try to strike a balance between a piece of information that is neither too lengthy nor too short. Try to come across as an authority but not one that likes to hear yourself talk.

Use Video, Images, and Graphics

According to nearly every statistic listed online, the use of video, images, and graphics makes content more readable and shareable. Moz does this well. This digital marketing company focused on SEO presents video lessons, infographics, and more on their blog.

Get Personal

Just because you are hosting a corporate blog doesn't mean you need to remain faceless. More and more consumers expect corporations to be made up of people, not just faceless entities. A company that does this well is REI. This outdoor equipment and apparel company creates profiles of their members so you get to know the people that trust REI. These member portraits show the brand cares about and recognizes its customer base.

Track Your Content

Track your content with marketing analytics to see what is getting read, how long it is viewed, and what is most shared. Stick to the topics people relate to most, and you'll likely draw more traffic to your site. According to Wordstream, marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing, and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return.

Build Evergreen Content

Evergreen content refers to content which provides traffic over a long period of time because its relevance does not expire. Adding evergreen content to your corporate blogs brings consistent traffic to your website because the content is always relevant. It typically addresses topics people will search for years and years. For example, topics like 'tips for keeping your house cool in the summer' or 'books to read at least once in your lifetime.' Often, lists of tips and tricks that never go out of style remain relevant for years to come.

Quick Tips for Your Corporate Blog

Once you have implemented the best practices on your corporate blog, be sure to follow these general tips and tricks for any corporate blog:

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