Correctional Treatment for Juveniles

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Todd Clifton

Todd Clifton has a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice, has a M.S. degree in Management & Leadership, has a diploma in private investigation, and has helped former criminals reenter free society.

Correctional treatment for juveniles includes individual techniques and group techniques. These techniques are used in a variety of programs such as wilderness, recreational, vocational, educational, and boot camp programs.

Adapting Treatment for Each Situation

The success point that correctional treatment of juveniles is built on is adaptability. Adaptability, as it concerns correctional treatment of juveniles, is adjusting treatment to fit the needs of the individual. A variety of programs are available to fit the particular needs of the individual juvenile. Choosing a program that will be the most effective is adapting treatment for the benefit of the juvenile, which is a person not yet old enough to be legally an adult. A look at several programs through the lens of this understanding will provide valuable knowledge. Then a look at individual and group treatment techniques will be helpful.

Educational and Vocational Treatment

Let's start with educational and vocational treatment. Providing knowledge and skills that empower young people can certainly be beneficial. With vocational training, new opportunities are created. For example, a young person will have more of an opportunity to obtain a source of income through the skills acquired from vocational training. That young person will then hopefully have less reason to steal. That young person will have more resources through a newly acquired income.

Education also opens opportunity up for young people. With this option, juveniles can obtain the necessary knowledge to go on to college. Better choices are then available to that juvenile. Plus, the self discipline that develops from progressing through educational achievement is fantastic.

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