Cosmological Argument: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Deborah Stone

Deborah has taught middle level science and master's and doctorate level education leadership and environmental science.

In this lesson, we'll explore a couple of cosmological arguments, including one based on a small particle, which scientists and religious people use to explain the beginning of our universe.

Our World and How It Began

Do you ever look around at the night sky, the sunshine, the birds, the trees, or even yourself and wonder how everything began and how it all exists? This is a question that many scientists have pondered in the past and continue to analyze today. Let's see how some of them explained the beginning of the universe.

Cosmological Arguments

According to cosmological theories, the universe exists so there must be a someone or something that created it. Physicists, or scientists that study nature's forces and their impact on the environment, believe that the Higgs boson subatomic particle is the reason for the universe. Peter Higgs discovered this particle in 2012. Some scientists believe that the Higgs boson particle caused the 'Big Bang' that led to the creation of the universe.

Theists, or people who believe in a supreme being, think that the particle was created by this being, an event that began the chain of events that led to the beginning of the universe. Think of this event as a row of falling dominoes: an outside force had to start everything in motion first, like a push.

The cosmological argument can be compared to a force acting on a line of dominoes.
Falling Dominoes

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