Creating a Marketing Research Presentation

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  • 0:03 A Marketing Research…
  • 0:35 Using Software
  • 1:47 What to Include
  • 3:42 Tailoring Your Presentation
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

After you've done your market research and gathered all your data, you now need to present it in a way that is understood by your audience. In this lesson, you'll learn how you can make an effective marketing research presentation that shows your audience that your market research was effective and gives them the results they are looking for.

A Marketing Research Presentation

A marketing research presentation is the sharing of the results from a market research. Most of the time, it's a visual presentation. If you look around, you just might find one around you. If you look at either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and sort the apps by what's most popular, then you're looking at the results of a market research. It's a simple presentation, but you understand it, and it helps you decide which apps to download. To be useful and understood is the main purpose of a good marketing research presentation.

Using Software

There are different ways you can make your marketing research presentation. You can do it the traditional way with pen and paper, drawing out everything and writing all the statistics down by hand. Or, you can create one with the help of software. In today's age, instead of analyzing collected data manually by hand on paper, most collected data is analyzed via software such as spreadsheets that can easily create graphs from the data.

For example, a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel can easily create graphs. The graph shows the results of an imaginary marketing research of bunk bed sales in one local town.

Once graphs and charts have been made, these are then inserted into another software program for the presentation itself. If the presentation is to be given in a meeting setting, then a presentation software such as Microsoft Powerpoint is used. This type of software allows you to create slides with information on them. You use your mouse to click to the next slide when you're done presenting each slide. Presentations can be made as short as you need or as long as you need. You can include music, animations, and anything else to help you make a statement with your market research.

What to Include

If you will be presenting your marketing research to the managers of your company, you'll need to include certain things in your presentation. You need an executive summary that talks about why the marketing research was done, key results, what the results mean, and what actions the management needs to do.

After the summary, you'll need the graphs and charts you created to support your results. You don't have to include every single chart or graph you have. You only need to include the ones that directly support the results you're focusing on. It's a good idea to bring physical hard copies of the visuals you present so people in the meeting can follow along.

To conclude, talk about the conclusions you have reached from analyzing your collected data. Most of the time, market research is performed so as to know what actions need to be taken to increase business or sales. So, in addition to presenting your conclusions, also present what you and the business will do with this information.

For example, to present the results of the bunk bed marketing research as your executive summary, you could say:

  • We've done a marketing research of local bunk bed sales to help us find trends in bunk bed sales. We found bunk beds have the least amount of sales in the summer months of May, June, and July. Sales dramatically increase in August and continue through April.

The next steps for the management is to come up with some big promotions to encourage more sales in the summer months, and you can include the graph of bunk bed sales by month.

And you could conclude by saying:

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