Creating a Quality Plan for a Project

Creating a Quality Plan for a Project
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Karen O'Brien

Karen has 14 years of experience in consultancy, including creation of training materials and running courses for IT professionals.

This lesson offers step-by-step information on how to create a project quality plan. After watching this lesson, you will be able to create your own quality plan and further ensure the success of your project!

Quality Plans

Think of a quality plan in terms of test-driving a new car. Chances are, before you purchase your car, you will want to take it for a test drive, make sure the steering works, the brakes function well, the seats are comfortable.

A quality plan has a similar aim. It is a method or process by which you are giving your project the best possible chance for success or achieving high quality. Or, in other words, it makes sure stuff works!

Quality Assurance Plan

Essentially, a quality assurance plan is a document that is responsible for managing and maintaining the impeccable quality of your project. Its primary goal is to prevent defects from ever occurring during your project.

A quality assurance plan includes the definition of all project team members and their respective roles. This is needed in order to ensure that every team member knows precisely his or her responsibilities and that no project tasks go unassigned, so as to avoid the tasks being incomplete. It is imperative that this responsibility and task list is exhaustive. In addition, an assurance plan will detail all project tasks and corresponding schedules, which essentially results in who does what and when.

It is not possible to define quality for something that doesn't exist, so in order to identify this level of quality, a detailed project description for every feature or function of the project is needed. These are typically termed specifications and describe exactly what each feature does, how it does it, when it does it, and how other features are impacted. The more detailed the description of each feature, the less of a chance that a defect will arise for that feature.

For each feature, a detailed level of desired quality is required. Most quality assurance plans aim for zero defects. However, some projects may include a lower level of acceptance for defects. Alternatively, different features may call for varying levels of success. A desired level of quality should be identified and designated to each task, feature, and outcome of the project.

The software assurance plan will also detail what project management approach is being taken for this project (for example, agile or waterfall). This approach will dictate how testing will be conducted and when.

Quality Control Plan

The quality control plan provides instructions on how to actively ensure the project is of a high quality. The plan details what will be tested, how it will be tested, the desired results, and how to maintain results. There is an inherent relationship between the control plan and the assurance plan, insofar as the specific tests in the control plan are directly related to the features laid out in the quality assurance plan.

The control plan will include a list of tests for each feature. Each test should detail precisely how that feature or function should work, indicate the desired result, and provide all necessary information and collateral (e.g., if you need a separate software program, computer, extra conduct the test).

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